About Lyme Disease – MSIDS

Lyme disease is a relapsing multi systemic infectious disease syndrome – hence the acronym MSIDS now accepted by most Lyme-literate medical doctors and researchers.  It is rarely a stand-alone infection has surpassed HIV as the fastest growing infectious disease in the US, and it has also surpassed many of the worst forms of cancer including breast cancer.

Tragically, many millions of people in the US don’t even know they have the disease. It grows slowly and is stealthy, and unless it comes with a more severe co-infection or a person has a weak immune system they may not have significant symptoms until years later. 

Because the symptoms often resemble those of flu and many other illnesses, Lyme disease regularly goes untreated as people believe it to be nothing serious, and symptoms will typically resolve themselves, or in the case of joint pain, go away and return days, weeks or months later in a different joint or location.

This informational video is a 3d animation describing how Lyme disease works inside your body. The presentation was produced by Envita Medical Center (I have no financial interest in promoting their procedures and do not have any information or testimonials on their treatment. However, they have produced a number of excellent videos that can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/user/EnvitaMedicalCenter.







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