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The following selection of products are recommended by various Lyme-literate doctors – as well as patients – who have found relief from symptoms, and in some cases full recovery. Some of the companies pay LDR a commission for sales and others do not but with every product, value and quality for the intended user is always the top priority.  You will see that the list changes as better products or values are found.

NEW SUPPLEMENT: Perhaps the greatest new supplement I have found is called “Living Streams Probiotics” which Dr. Jeffrey Maehr recently blogged about for us. Read it here.


A man with Lyme for 29 years… spent most of his money on treating it, with no results. He began taking “Living Stream Probiotics”, and within one month, he reported in a phone interview that he could actually get out of bed, do some light work and felt he had his life returning to him.

Most all of us have been on antibiotics at one time or another and many have had multiple antibiotics including Rocephin IV infusions and should already know the importance of regular probiotics.

Until very recently, every LLD and holistic naturopath has recommended Theralac as the strongest and most effective probiotic on the market.  Well, that was before Living Streams.  

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