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NEWS FLASH: Finally a diagnostic test that is 94% accurate (barring contamination) that was developed with Dr. Burrascano as a fully participating consultant (although he has no financial interest in the company.

I personally took the test in January 2013 after 8 months of taking Banderol and Samento drops (by Nutramedix) which Eva Sapi, PhD reports in The Townsend Letter kills Borrelia and dissolves biofilms.  I went off the protocol for 2 months before the blood samples were sent to Advanced Lab Services (note: it is worth spending $925 vs $650 to have poly-clonal test which looks for more than one strain.)  The poly-clonal test is what my internist recommended (who is not an LLMD but has been my doctor for 10 years prior to my crash and never gave up searching for solutions even after all other antibody tests came back negative) and therefore, tight financial considerations aside, is what I did.  My test returned the first conclusive POSITIVE Lyme test in seven years of total disability and suffering with dozens and dozens of Lyme-specific symptoms.

The lab takes four months to grow the culture (sometimes it groes faster but count on waiting 4 months for results) and then does a DNA test of the bacteria that has grown from your blood sample.  The prevalence of Lyme disease may be greater in areas of central, eastern and northern Europe (including Scandinavia) and in regions of Asia, the United States and Canada.

Also, “Why Am I Still Sick?” created by Richard Longland,  which began in 2009 with his on-camera interviews with bacterial biofilm authorities. Since then, he has learned a great deal about the human and economic costs associated with chronic bacterial infections — biofilms — from university researchers, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, government researchers and dental professionals.

My Crash

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease, I felt so relieved! Months of non-conclusive tests, frustrating evaluations, and the growing sense of insanity…it was going to be all behind me now!  I had Lyme disease, and I was actually relieved to have all that fear and worry over.

Little did I know that my nightmare had only just begun. That was over nine years ago. Life has been a living hell for those years, and there is just barely a flickering light at the end of the tunnel.

My LLD believes that I have been suffering with Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia for most of my life. Yes, it does explain the mystery illnesses, the infected organs that had to be removed without a clear diagnosis.  And yes, it also explains the mysterious loss of hearing, and the excrutiating pain in my abdomen that would come and go…

Does any of this sound familiar?

Now I have significant evidence pointing to a subnormal immune system – will it ever end?

Well, I used to do most of my work on the computer, so it was natural for me to begin my search for answers there.  But after weeks of searching, while my symptoms were going from bad to worse, I finally gave up trying to make sense of the conflicting information on the computer, and started buying books instead.

That is when I began to really understand the complexity of my disease. That was the beginning of my education, and the beginning of what has become a “calling” for me. As a result of this ordeal, I have dedicated my life to helping others, and that is what I hope to do with this website.

You will find all the latest medical and scientific information about chronic Lyme (See the left menu) along with product recommendations and alternative healing protocols. This information is constantly updated. Also be sure to visit my Lyme Blog which povides treatment and diagnosis discoveries and news alerts.

I hope you don’t have Lyme disease. But if you do – remember this – you aren’t alone. Blessings, Jenna

PS My protocol changes as I try different things in desperate attempts to reclaim a portion of my previous life.  Read about my own treatment and ongoing recovery here.


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