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Warning:  Using any form of Lyme Disease therapy can cause severe Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions  (also known as “healing reactions” “herx reactions” or “die off”). These reactions can be serious and/or fatal.

Antibiotics are the recommended treatment for Lyme disease according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and other Lyme disease authorities.  It is not advisable for anyone with Lyme disease to forego the use of antibiotics (or any other therapy) perscribed by a licensed physician in favor of experimental treatments.

If caught early, Lyme disease can be completely cured with the proper doses of antibiotics. Many people have attained full recovery from Lyme Disease with antibiotics. The additional therapies and protocols described in this website apply only to people who have not responded to antibiotic therapy.

Anyone who feels ill should consult a licensed medical professional.

Anyone who suspects that they may have Lyme disease or another tick-born illness should consult a “Lyme-literate” and licensed medical professional.

Anyone desiring to implement a new dietary or fitness change should consult a licensed medical professional.

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