mmune System Improvement with Far-Infrared Heat

FIR (far infrared) therapy helps improve the immune system by inducing an “artificial fever”. During a fever, the body heats up to eliminate viruses and attack foreign agents.

Often misunderstood, fevers are a natural stage of the immune system’s healing process and one of the best ways to rid the body of toxins and other unwelcome germs and chemicals. The immune system weakens the hold of viruses and bacterial growth.

FIR heat therapy induces an “artificial fever” by heating up the body without the pains of an illness. Subsequently, the body wards off invading organisms much more easily because the immune system is activated consistently by the “artificial fever”.

Recent studies also show that colds and flu-like illnesses are reduced dramatically if treated in the early stages with FIR heat therapy.

The healing warmth of far infrared heat can be experienced by sitting in a dry sauna powered by ceramic heaters that emit far infrared waves. These sauna sessions are comfortable and relatively short. In just 30 minutes, you can relax in the sauna surrounded by far infrared heat without experiencing breathing problems like you would in a traditional steam sauna.

Far infrared dry saunas are now available in affordable, in-home models from Paradise Sauna. These attractive, easy to use units allow you to take advantage of the healing properties of FIR in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

For more information about improving your immune system with far infrared heat, visit Lux Sauna.

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