“Is Lyme Transmitted Sexually?”

Written by Jenna Smith

I am always amazed when I hear this question.  How can anyone doubt that if spirochetes are in body fluids, which they are, that Lyme would be transmitted like any other STD, syphilis for instance.

We know that main stream medicine is trying to shut down the possibility of chronic Lyme, and deny any possibility of sexual transmission.  There is a very clear effort to present the public with the notion that there isn’t anything to worry about Lyme disease; that it is very easy to diagnose and cure.

I had one Harvard teaching Infectious Disease Specialist tell me that he didn’t believe in chronic Lyme, and he was clearly upset by what he felt was a “panic” caused by hypochondriacs that are always looking for a technical reason for why they don’t feel good.  He said, “…one year it was Candida…everyone thought they were infected with Candida…another year it is another hysteria, well now it is Lyme.”

Main stream medicine also denies the possibility of babies becoming infected in the womb if the mother is infected.  Yet Dr. Alan MacDonald, a specialist in neonatal pathology back in the early eighties, studied and collected an immense collection of clear evidence showing babies  – some stillborn and some who died soon after birth – all from Lyme disease.

The world wasn’t ready for the truth when he presented his evidence in Vienna at the “Second International Symposium on Lyme Disease and Related Disorders.”  The process he used for proving the presence of spirochetes was innovative and difficult for the scientists to accept.  It would require them to cross over into the dark and terrifying realm of a runaway infection that these slides pointed to.  And for the most part, twenty years later, the medical main stream is still looking the other way and ignoring the thousands upon thousands of suffering infected patients who are crying for help.

The day is sure to come when this tick-borne infection is understood better.  But in the meantime, there are very few doctors willing to risk the persecution and financial risk of treating Lyme disease.  Doctors are being sued not by their unhappy patients, but by other doctors who choose to stay blind to the emerging truth.

Alzheimer’s Autism, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart disease, Psychiatric illness and many other life changing  health conditions are being shown to involve Lyme disease as part or all of the disease.  So when you look to basic biology and study how infections are passed; it takes more faith to believe Lyme is not transmitted sexually than that it is.  How can it be proven?  That remains the problem.

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