New Salt and ApplePoly Protocol

The original Salt/Vitamin C protocol was developed by a group of long-time Lyme sufferers and has been used by many to achieve great improvement. The authors and many others testify to 98% functionality as a result of this simple and economical cure. Those who don’t improve on the salt/C protocol have not given it long enough to work according to the authors of the protocol.

The original protocol uses mega doses of Vitamin C and pure sodium chloride tablets to build the immune system and kill bacteria, a one-two punch designed to assist the body’s natural defense system.

I tried this protocol as soon as I learned about it but immediately ran into problems

  • Mega-doses of Vitamin C tore up the lining of my stomach and caused diarrhea. And it turns out that the product that is passed off and sold as Vitamin C in this country is actually only part of it and carries toxicity within. NOTE: The following blog posts may not be restored at this time (April 2012) Please be patient. Eventually I hope to have all previous posts restored with the original title (easier said than done!)  Thanks for your patience!
  • Pure sodium chloride caused major bloating which aggravated my joint pain. Also, I was uncomfortable taking mega-doses of toxic sodium chloride.

A search for  natural and organic alternatives led me to the following new protocol: 

Substitute 1 gram of sodium chloride tablet with 1 gram Himalayan Mineral Salt capsule and substitute 3 grams of Vitamin C with 1 capsule of Apple Poly (which works out to 4 capsules of Apple   polyphenols and 12 capsules of Himalayan Mineral Salt per day for me.)

This new protocol was developed using the underlying principals of the Salt/Vitamin C protocol, with therapeutic substitutions which are less likely to have any side effects.   Many people have gastric problems taking mega doses of Vitamin C (nausea, belly-ache, cramps and diarrhea) and using sodium chloride can cause even more dangerous side effects such as high blood pressure, bloating and swelling

Apple polyphenols are 18 times more powerful than Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant and have many other health benefits in addition to Vitamin C.

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And Himalayan Salt has 84 essential minerals and trace elements that are required for health. These essential minerals and trace elements were provided at one time through vegetables grown in rich soil but must be taken as supplements today due to commercial farming practices.

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