Cured Lyme Disease from Buhner’s Herbal Protocol

I am very fortunate and only started the Buhner herbs in June, slowly ramping up until doing the peak protocol for 2 months.

Now I’m ramping down!

I am happy to say that I was able to walk all over Seattle last week, sometimes for hours, something I would not have been able to do as recently as this past spring.

Mind you, I did the whole protocol at once: andrographis, resveratrol, Cat’s Claw 5000 (switching to samento towards the end), sarsaparilla, nettle, gotu kola, turmeric/bromelain, teasel tincture, and magnesium.

I have also been taking other supplements for years, although most of those were not herbs. I exercise regularly, too.

I don’t know why I’m luckier than most and got well so fast.

For what its worth, I stumbled on the Buhner protocol information, and bought the book soon after I had begun a practice of

In my visualization,  I went to an island where I was treated in esoteric ways by gentle attendants in robes who washed all of my cells with a rejuvenating wash, and reached into me to remove harmful wires and lumps that were impeding the flow of true health through my systems. I would visualize going to that island several times a week and each time I was treated by these ethereal beings in new ways – always with love and compassion.

May you find healing from Lyme too!


Name withheld by request

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