Detox Those Nasty Neurotoxins

When the Lyme is being killed, it produces its own neurotoxin in defense. This subsequently clogs the blood, lymph, liver and colon which slows down the detoxification pathways. And as long as the patient is in treatment for Lyme, detoxification needs to be ongoing.”

Neurotoxin effectively means “nerve poison”. Neurotoxins act directly on neurons, or nerve cells, by interfering with membrane proteins and ion channels in the central nervous system.  Common external substances that cause neurotoxins in the body are: venom from poisonous insects or reptiles, carbon monoxide, mercury and other heavy metals, ethanol and various other chemical substances. Chemical weapons make use of neurotoxins to impair or kill their enemies.

The destruction of

spirochetes also creates neurotoxins which flood the body causing all Lyme symptoms to flare up.  This event is known as a “Herxheimer reaction” or more commonly a “herx”.  The problem is easy to see…if you want to destroy Lyme disease and reclaim your life, it means you have to find the courage to actually feel worse before you can feel better.  And not all people handle neurotoxins the same way.  Some bodies eliminate neurotoxins more easily than others, but regardless of the relative

“ease” with which we rid ourselves of these poisons; pain on top of pain equals more pain.  Killing Lyme is very different than getting rid of mucous after a bad cold.

The following is taken from:

So how do we help our bodies bind up and dispose of these neurotoxins?

There are numerous ways – from enemas to supplements – and my own LLMD’s favorite method: one day a month of apples only – also known as an “apple fast”.  Evidently the apple skin is a powerful binder of neurotoxins.  Just don’t plan to do much of anything on that day as it can cause

headaches and various gastrointestinal upsets as a side effect of the detoxification. The above referenced article has many suggestions for getting rid of neurotoxins and is worth the effort to read it thoroughly: 

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