Tinnitus and Audiophobia with Lyme Disease

Not everyone with Lyme disease has the dreaded tinnitus and/or audio-pain.  But those who do, are greatly disabled from a normal life due to the extreme pain caused by sound.  Typically, with neurological Lyme, the audio-pain is aggravated with additional anxiety when faced with too much noise, too many people talking at once or even the thought of being exposed to noises.

To relieve tinnitus, I used this product by Thomas Coleman called Tinnitus Miracle.

The sound of someone walking across the floor may cause excruciating pain, and sudden loud noises can cause a panic attack (see Anxiety).

Additionally there is a constant aching - like "swimmer's ear" which intensifies in cold or wind.  The following suggestions are products I use for managing this disabling symptom.

Ear Plugs

It may seem obvious, but with brain fog it never occurred to me.  I am blessed to have smart people caring for me. This is a link to Amazon where you can buy these high quality skin colored plugs that are washable and nobody notices them. NOTE: I would stay away from wax plugs because you can't clean them.


I find that GABA eases the pain in my ears along with calming the anxiety that accompanies noise. Because the pain is neuropathic, the GABA works naturally to calm the nerve endings. GABA is essential for relieving the ear pain and the panic that can come unexpectedly with visitors or sudden loud noises. Read more about GABA here.

Insist on quiet.  This is something everyone in your life should be aware of and reminded of to keep you comfortable. A friend drew a big sign and taped it above my head so that visitors couldn'y help but read it...that way I didn't have to make a request that some might consider rude.

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