There are many benefits to adding home-grown sprouts to our diets.  But for those who are ill, and especially those who are fighting Lyme disease, fresh sprouts are critical.

Fresh sprouts are baby plants in their prime, with a much greater concentration of proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and photonutrients than at any other point in the plants life.

Because you grow them at home, you can rest assured that there are no chemicals or perservatives added - and you never have to worry about waste.  You can grow as few or as many seeds and varieties as you wish - all on a small corner of your counter-top.

Sprouts are far easier to digest than their elder counter-parts.  Their delicate cell walls release live nourishment easily, and their multiple enzymes allow them to be absorbed by even the frailest digestive system.

With an automatic sprouter, anyone can successfully grow this beneficial produce.  Its easy!  Just add water.  No soil.  No bugs. No green thumb necessary. No special lights required.  One pound crops grow in only 9 inches of space and take one minute of care per day.




Jenna Seaver author of lyme disease resource

Jenna in Maui



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