PH Balance

Having a correct pH balance will keep your body's fluids from allowing harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses to take root and develop disease.

For more information read: Fighting Lyme with pH Balance

The best and easiest way to get your body's fluids balanced is with specially grown and harvested "Green" products that are free from any toxcicity, do not lack the proper minerals that are natural to green products when grown in the proper terrain and are loaded with chlorella, cereal grasses like barley, oats and wheat as well as algae and noni.

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I have been using Greens every day for over two years and I have a perfectly balanced pH. One of the most thrilling discoveries has been the total protection I now have against Candida and the common cold.  I have never before been able to tolerate antibiotics due to the horrible yeast overgrowth (Candida) even while taking medications for it.

With Lyme disease I have been on massive amounts of antibiotics and still have not required any additional help from the yeast!  However, we must stay on a strong probiotic to keep our intestinal "friendly" bacteria thriving to assist in the proper elimination of food.

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