Oral Application of MMS:

MMS protocol must be followed very carefully.

You begin with one drop of MMS, add five drops of activator (activator is sold separately or you can use fresh lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid, and set a timer for 3 minutes – don’t estimate.  For a stronger dose you may cover the container for the 3 minutes.  When your timer goes off, you add ¼ cup of water or a juice that does not contain Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C will nullify the effect of MMS so make sure that you check the label of any juice.  This constitutes one dose.  Swallow as quickly as possible.

Take this dose AM, noon and PM.  If you don’t feel any nausea, increase the dose by one drop of MMS and 10 drops of activator and try this dose for a couple of days.  If you feel any nausea at all, you can remain at that dose until your system adjusts to it, or you can back down to the one drop for a few days before trying to increase the number of drops of MMS.

You will continue to follow this pattern drop by drop until you reach 15 drops of MMS and 75 drops of activator.  You will remain on this final dose until you are completely well.



Jenna Seaver author of lyme disease resource

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