Although Morgellons is not usually listed as a co-infection of Lyme, it is commonly associated with chronic Lyme disease, and yet there is more speculation about the syndrome/disease than hard facts.

Recently, Marc Neumann has released an excellent research document on Morgellons that you can access here.

Personally, I have accepted the monthly appearance of these "slimy biofilms" and bizarre skin eruptions as part of my chronic Lyme disease, and rejected the notion of Morgellons because I never saw a filial worm.  After reading Mr. Neuman's research I can see that I have this additional syndrome to add to my list of co-infections.  My hope is that you will not, but it is wise to have clear and factual information on the condition.

Again, the link to Mr. Neumann's site is here.

It is important to note that the variations of these biofilms and biological microfibers are very diverse and extremely small. Another aspect of the condition is that the body tends to eject the fibers and biofilm most frequently around the full moon.

My experience has been that the harder I attack the Lyme disease, the more skin eruptions occur.

It is important to consult your LLD if you suspect you have Morgellons.

Another LLD with significant experience treating Morgellons is Dr. James Schaller in Florida. He has found that there are at least six and frequently up to 20 causes for Morgellons in every patient.  You can read more about it on his website and also

For more information on Morgellons:



Jenna Seaver author of lyme disease resource

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