MMS and CDS Protocol

The Basic Science of MMS

There are several ways to utilize the healing power of MMS:




Due to the severity of side effects, Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker have recently developed another treatment method that removes the difficult side effects.

Making CDS “Jungle Version” by Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker

Pot of boiling water.

Air Pump (  Amazon$6.88)

8 ounce glass baby bottles (8 bottles w/silicone nipples from ( Amazon$10.19)

Silicone tubing (  Amazon$6.99 for 25 ft) – cut into 4 pieces

Large syringe (100ML Plastic Reusable Syringe Amazon$7.47)

Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips (  Amazon$12.16 plus shipping)

Liquid Citric Acid 1:1, and sodium chlorite 28% (  Amazon$19.95) refrigerate

Gallon jug of distilled water refrigerate




Fill three glass baby bottles with cold distilled water and screw nipple on top.

Mix 50cc citric acid, plus 50cc water purifier (MMS) in another glass bottle with nipple screwed on, and rest in boiling hot water.

Push end of one tube into air pump and the other end into mixture resting in bowl of boiling hot water.

Run another tube from mixture into one of the water bottles. Run another tube from first water bottle into second water bottle. Run last tube from second water bottle into third (and last) water bottle.

Use testing strips to check the yellow solution – at 12,000 per million remove bottle and add another bottle with cold distilled water.  Continue to remove “finished” bottle and add fresh bottles until the mixture is gone.


Watch: Dr. Andreas Kalcker  8 minutes by Jim Humble 23 minutes

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