Skin Disorders (excluding EM rash) with Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can cause many odd skin conditions as it drills away from your blood stream to evade antibiotics and/or other treatments.  Dr. Burrascano suggests skin brushing to stimulate blood flow near the skin, and I have found that strong exfoliating cleansers applied directly to skin problem and massaged gently under warm water to significantly help in healing rashes and sores.

Severe rashes and sores that resist healing remedies should be checked with a medical doctor.  Always rinse and dry skin irritations and keep clean to protect from infection.  See pictures of some skin rashes I have had at bottom of page.

Robert Gray Skin Brush

Skin Brush for dry skin brushing also stimulates the cleansing of the lymphatic system. It is a long handled bath-type brush with natural vegetable bristles. This brush must not be used for bathing since it needs to be kept dry.

Lavender Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub

Botanical granules and fruit enzymes gently remove surface cells. Organic Lavender, Licorice Root and Coleus protect new skin against irritation while our triple lipid system moisturizes replenish natural oils. Walnut and Grape Seed Powders combine with natural enzymes from papaya and pineapple to loosen and remove dull surface cells and impurities. Soothing Licorice Root and organic Lavender calm irritation-prone skin as the antibacterial action of Coleus Oil protects skin against breakouts. Organic Flax, organic Borage and Rosehip Oils, rich in omega fatty acids, restore the skin's moisture balance. Enriched with White Tea and Vitamin E for antioxidant protection.

Skin Food

Intensely hydrates and cares for the skin. Ultra-moisturizing, pure Lanolin and anti-blemish, wild-crafted Pansy Extract nourishes and soothes dry and damaged skin. Precious essential oils of Lavender, organic Sweet Orange and Rosemary refresh the skin and the senses. Apply this whole body cream to your skin anytime, with special attention to extra dry areas, such as the feet, hands and elbows.

Squalane Skin Oil

Squalane Skin Oil is derived from shark liver and is used in some of the most expensive skin ointments in the world.  This pure squalane penetrates deep into the skin to help accelerate new cell growth, quiet skin, heal burns, protect from the elements, and soothe irritations.  Squalane also helps heal minor skin eruption, relieves itching and scaly skin, and even creates a barrier to protect your skin,  Squalane Skin Oil is a purel and natural skin supplement from the sea..

My skin problems with chronic Lyme disease:

It is a known fact that Lyme can and does cause all kind of rashes and I am certain I have had loads of spirochetes all over my body on the skin.  I learned that by watching pustules emerge, pop and bleed as a result of the salt/apple protocol which caused extreme herxes (that's another reason I knew it was working) and then the sores take forever to heal and it is impossible for me to keep my fingers away from scratching at them due to the burning/itching/pain that accompany the sores.  Blood or clear liquid emerge from the sores and they spread almost like poison ivy although sometimes the itching is tremendous on my shoulders but the pustules never appear (however I can feel  tiny cyst-like bumps under the skin.)

I am now (12/2011) on a cutting edge protocol from Europe(that has not been released yet - still in final trial stages) That has activated these pustules on a huge scale.  I put the IVIG treatments on hold when my test results showed my markers at a normal level (even though I was not even close to symptom free) so that I can test my immune system after a six month period without the extra immunoglobulins AND WITH the new protocol.  Be patient...there will be a book released by the European doctor I am working with which will detail the entire protocol.  My subscribers will be the first to learn about it.  Take a look at my skin:


My lower arm, and below my upper arm were diagnosed as Shingles (Herpes Zoster) viral infection from checken pox that everyone carries if they have had chicken pox.  It lies dormant until it is triggered - usually by some type of stress along with a weakened immune system.











Notice the blueish spot below my knee, diagnosed as ACA - hard to see the puffy ring of swollen skin around the spot.  The actual discoloration is purpleish and hurts like a bruise when pushed, but it has been there for 5 years. If I press on my skin anywhere else it becomes white.

I also have large swathes of this thin skinned mottling that runs along the inside of both feet especially around the ankle.  The skin is actually silverish in places and if I don't keep both feet completely moisturized, dry skin patches appear that pulls away in strips and painful cracks appear that take a long time to heal.




author disclaimer

The author of this website is not a licensed medical practitioner.  This information is based on her research and experience. This website is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease, and is not a substitute for consultation with a physician.  If you are sick, please consult a licensed medical practitioner.



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