Migraines with Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can cause numerous types of headaches, and for those of us who suffer with migraines, many find that Lyme disease may intensify the severity and duration of actual migraines.

For some, there is very little to do for the pain without prescription meds and/or prescription oxygen.  The products below are the best I could find of alternative treatments for Lyme disease induced migraines.  They can work on other types of migraines too (hormone or food induced.)  I have suffered with migraines for my whole life and have found that as the Lyme disease has begun to resolve that my migraines are less frequent.


This advanced formula is especially helpful reducing the effects of a migraine due to the key ingredients and their effect on the central nervous system. Dr. Alexander Mauskop, one of the world’s leading migraine researchers and Director of the New York Headache Clinic has been working with his own triple therapy since 1992. His research has been crucial in establishing MigreLief’s credentials as a superior product. Only MigreLief contains Puracol™, a specially sourced whole herb feverfew with all of its naturally occurring elements intact.  Migre-Lief also contains magnesium and riboflavin.

Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief, by Ridgecrest Herbals, is a carefully formulated homeopathic and Chinese herbal therapy which relieves headache and migraine pain naturally without side effects. Migraine Relief works quickly and effectively, and contains safe, effective homeopathic plant extracts. The science of homeopathy is hundreds of years old and is widely used in Europe and Asia. It has recently gained popularity in the United States. Migraine Relief also contains a proprietary Chinese herbal formula. Ridgecrest research shows that combining herbs and homeopathic medicine into one formula creates a synergistic effect that significantly enhances the effectiveness of the formula.

Clear Migraine

Clear Migraine contains a unique proprietary blend of 14 Chinese herbs, formulated to work in combination with these active homeopathic ingredients to provide safe and effective relief. Aspirin Free - Non-habit forming - No side effects. Homeopathic active ingredients and a proprietary herbal blend provides a safe and effective pain reliever.  Aspirin free, no side effects and non-habit forming Contains specific homeopathic remedies traditionally used to help relieve the symptoms of migraines, tension and cluster headaches.  Does not increase heart rate. Does not make you drowsy. This formula has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Migraine Blocker

Source Naturals Migraine Blocker is safe, natural and gives temporary relief of migraine headache pain, pressure and throbbing. Migraine Blocker uses minute doses of homeopathic remedies that offer quick relief from migraine symptoms. This Bio-Aligned Formula addresses the multiple body systems associated with migraines, including hormonal regulation, stress response, sensory perception, the sinuses, and the digestive and nervous systems.  48 tablets for under $5!

Feverfew Headaid

Feverfew is one of the most commonly used herbs for migraines.   Laboratory studies show that feverfew can reduce inflammation and prevent blood vessel constriction (squeezing) that may lead to migraines.  Planetary Formulas unites the power of standardized extracts of feverfew with willow bark and with Chinese classics, such as Schizonepeta and notopterygium. The botanicals in feverfew head aid represent a superb blending of modern European science with traditional Chinese herbalism.

author disclaimer

The author of this website is not a licensed medical practitioner.  This information is based on her research and experience. This website is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease, and is not a substitute for consultation with a physician.  If you are sick, please consult a licensed medical practitioner.


Jenna Seaver author of lyme disease resource

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