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What Is The Difference Between Coil And Rife Machines?


A Frequency Generator, usually referred to as the "Rife" machine in honor of the scientist who invented the technology based on his discovery that disease organisms, (including cancer) can be killed by bombarding them with radio waves.

The radio frequencies are tuned to a particular length depending on the type of organism according to San Diego scientist, Royal Raymond Rife. Click here to read "The History of Rife".

Dr. Rife claimed that his technology would successfully kill thousands of cultures of organisms, including almost all kinds of disease known to mankind. See Annotated List of Frequencies for specific illnesses.

Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, the tumor resembling cancer but not so mortal as it; streptococcus infection, typhoid fever, staphylococcus infection and two forms of leprosy were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves. He said that his laboratory experiments indicated that the method could be used successfully and safely, in organisms at work in living tissues.

A Coil Machine emits a large magnetic frequency field to destroy bacteria.


It targets one frequency at a time and is capable of producing alternating magnetic fields with frequencies ranging from approximately 20 Hertz to 2200 Hertz.




  1. Coil machines produce only one frequency at a time. Switching frequencies involves a manual procedure which includes resetting a bank of capacitor switches. This can be challenging for those suffering from Lyme "fog". 
  2. The magnetic field produced by the coil is not large. You must gradually move your body parts through the field; the coil is heavy and cannot be waved around the body.
  3. Failure to follow proper operational procedures can damage or destroy the expensive machine. Proper procedures for a coil machine are significantly more involved than for a frequency generator.


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