New Form of Electronic Test Helps Show
Early Signs of Energetic Health Imbalances.

 These Energetic Imbalances May Be Showing The Future of Your Health...

Green8 cell phone

Have you been secretly concerned about your safety while using your cell phone?

 Cell phone radiation has now been definitively proven to be harmful to your health. Now it's just a matter of whether you are willing to take a few steps to see that there are some things that you can do to protect yourself and especially to protect your children who are even more at risk.

One of the most dangerous things we do to break down our immune system and general health is using cell phones.

These videos are very impressive!  One thing you'll be weary of is keeping your cell phone in your pocket all the time once you see these videos about this cutting edge testing method. Click Here >>  Electro-Dermal Screening and the  Cell Phone Test


For more information read Jenna's article: "Are You Frying Your Brain With Your Cell Phone?"



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