Enema Application of MMS:

You begin as you do with the other methods, with one drop of MMS, add five drops of activator (activator is sold separately

or you can use fresh lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid, and set a timer for 3 minutes – don’t estimate.  For a stronger dose

you may cover the container for the 3 minutes.

Mix ingredients above with eight cups of warm water making sure that the liquid is warm, but not too warm (test a drop on the inside of your wrist.) Fill the enema bag and hang it nearby. Place a large towel near the bag and set a timer and a jar of Vaseline next to the towel. It helps to have soothing music playing during the enema to help you relax.

Lay down on the towel – you must be on your RIGHT side for the entire enema. Some people prefer to lay down in the bathtub in case you lose control of your bowels.

Everyone is different and so you want to add the liquid very slowly adjusting to each small amount before adding more.

 Coat the insertion tube with plenty of Vaseline and slowly release the fluid. Use the clamp to monitor the pressure and flow, slowly fill your colon with the entire solution.

Set the timer for 15 minutes and try to relax.  If you feel the pressure is unbearable, just stay on your side as long as you can (even 10 minutes is good.) You may find that it becomes easier as you practice.  This enema should be taken every day as long as your treatment is necessary.



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