I have just tried DMSO (11/2011) for the first time, and it is truly miraculous on sores/rashes which you can watch heal so quickly. I wish I had learned about it sooner! Another equine product for Lyme sufferers! (Ivermectrin worming paste for parasites is another)

With chronic Lyme, many people like me have rashes and sores that refuse to heal - as well as shingles - a dormant virus of Herpes that comes from the chicken pox.  Yes, thats right, if you have had chicken pox than you have Herpes Zoster dormant in your body.  It is very painful and DMSO is the only thing that dries it up and soothes the pain of the inflamed nerve endings. 

Warning: It stings when you first put it on! Also don't use if you have allergies to sulfites. Read all about it here.






Jenna Seaver author of lyme disease resource

Jenna in Maui



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