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Bruce Lipton, Phd. is a cellular biologist who is changing the face of modern biology with the new science of "epigenetics".  Through meticulous research and rigorous testing, Dr. Lipton shows clear biological evidence linking mind, body and spirit.   


Dr. Andrew Weil's music for self-healing combines the genius of classical composers with powerful underlying psychoacoustic components to offer a soothing collection to provide maximum healing potential.  Other healing CDs by Dr. Weil are also available:


Psychotherapist Belleruth Naparstek, is a nationally recognized innovator in the field of guided imagery and intuition.  Her work is used in over 3000 hospitals and clinics, giving remarkable ease to pain and suffering.


Steven Halpern is a composer, recording artist and sound healer who has released over 50 albums. Steven has received international recognition for his pioneering work promoting the use of music for healing, meditation and inner peace.




Jenna Seaver author of lyme disease resource

Jenna in Maui



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