Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Lyme disease, especially neurological Lyme disease causes havoc with the central nervous sytem.

It is not uncommon for people who have never experienced an anxiety attack to suddenly have frequent and frightening "panic" attacks.  These attacks occur without warning which adds to the fear and anxiety. They can occur in the shower, during a meal, while reading or even driving. 

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Anxiety attacks occur when the "limbic" system (the part of the brain which stores anxiety messages) begins to release numerous signals. At the same time, physiological responses begin to take place. . . breathing becomes difficult, the fight-or flight syndrome kicks in, and many other frightening body impulse that are completely involuntary.

This occurance creates additional anxiety from the fear of losing control and possibly even loss of life. (Many people describe panic attacks exactly like heart attacks.)

Hypnosis can also be a helpful solution for anxiety.

Anxiety is poison for those of us with Lyme disease because it destroys the healing environment and puts pressure on every other neurological symptom. Following are the best supplememnts for anxiety.

Lyme disease can inflame the neuro-transmitters throughout the central nervous sytem.


GABA (which stands for Gama Amino Butyric Acid) is the Body's Natural muscle relaxant, tranquilizer, and nerve calmer. As Melatonin is the body's natural sleeping agent. GABA is the body's natural stress reliever and muscle relaxant.

Scientific research shows that GABA inhibits the cells (in the limbic system) from firing, diminishing the rapid messages reaching the frontal cortex. This controlled neuro transmission allows the cortex to communicate with the limbic system and the rest of the brain in an orderly manner.

GABA is an essential inhibitor in the central nervous sytem that aids control of pain and anxiety.

GABA has also been successfully used as an anticonvulsant in cases of epilepsy, as well as for hypertension and attention deficit disorder. GABA has been sucessfully used to aid those with neuro muscular conditions such as fibromyalgia and M.S.  I take the maximum dose of 1500 mg three times each day and on really bad days I take a fourrth dose.  GABA allowed me to go off of Lyrica without any withdrawl symptoms. Never take GABA with milk products.

Anxiety Relief

This homeopathic formula is an advanced, safe and natural medicine that has been successfully used by thousands of people. It brings prompt symptomatic relief of occasional minor anxiety, fear, worry, panicky feelings and apprehension associated with everyday life without synthetic drugs or side effects. It begins to work right away, and contains only safe, 100% natural ingredients - 11 powerful homeopathic therapies made from natural herbs and minerals. 

"The Anxiety Lie" helps make occasional, minor anxious feelings less frequent or relieves them altogether. And it helps you feel less vulnerable to the minor annoyances that make up your daily life. If anxiety feelings continue to occur regularly, you should consult a physician.  

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