Genetic Frankenstein: A Link between Chronic Lyme Disease and Alzheimer’s?

 By Jenna Smith

Back in 1985, Dr. Alan MacDonald stunned the medical world with a special slide show on neo-natal tissue that he had amassed over years of autopsying stillborn babies as the pathologist at South Hampton Hospital.  Using a darkfield microscope technique to capture the images on film, Dr. MacDonald presented his shocking hypothesis to the world in Vienna at the Second International Symposium on Lyme Disease and Related Disorders.

Instead of pictures of swollen knees, Dr. MacDonald showed slide after slide of spirochete infected tissue from these babies who were never able to survive outside the womb.

The hostility from the other scientists was at that time more of direct censure than verbal assault, but few doctors could believe what their own eyes were showing them.  Lyme disease cannot be contracted in the womb, or passed from the mother in vitro – so the old guard insisted.

His pictures of cyst forms and other bizarre shapes and truncated strings did not look like the clear spiral shape of Borrelia, but when Dr. MacDonald added special chemicals to the tissue, these shapes showed up in the same way that spirochetes do - emitting a soft fluorescent glow. 

This convinced Dr. MacDonald that the Lyme spirochetes were behaving exactly like syphilis spirochetes by carefully researching literature from the world’s top experts on syphilis. The queer shapes – hooks, rings balls and truncated strings mixed in with a few clear spirals.  This was evidence of the morphic nature of the bacteria, and further proof for his hypothesis.

It wasn’t surprising that Dr. MacDonald the researcher began working with Dr. Burrascano the practicing physician.  Together they became more and more convinced that Lyme disease was the mystery infection behind significant illnesses, chief amongst them, Alzheimer’s.

 Unfortunately, the hounds were unleashed and a host of doctors were run out of town by medical professionals who followed the tenets of Dr. Steer in Boston, MA.  Dr. MacDonald eventually found the adversity too much to bear and moved to Texas where he was haunted by the unanswered questions of his research.  Specifically, was Lyme disease causing Alzheimer’s?

Fast-forward to 2006, Dr. MacDonald has returned to New York, this time to St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown, on the Long Island Sound where he immediately revived his research.  He began by ordering ten Alzheimer’s brains from a brain bank to slice and study under the darkfield microscope.

What he found, is beyond alarming.  To read his actual reports click here.  He found that seven of the ten brains “…lit up like a Christmas tree.”  They were loaded with a genetic Frankenstein – DNA of the spirochetes combined with human chromosomes.

The medical term, “transfection” is not so frightening, but the reality is devastating.  It basically means that your own body begins producing the infection.  As Dr. MacDonald said, “Once it is in your DNA and you’re churning it out yourself, you’re cooked!”

For the people who are churning it out, it will certainly mean a constant struggle, but for those who are just beginning to get sick, Dr. MacDonald’s work may bring a miracle.

To read Dr. MacDonald’s medical paper on “Transfection” click here

To see Dr. MacDonald’s website click here.




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